Saturday, December 11, 2010

live lounge amazingness with Fearne & Ellie

live lounge at BBC radio one, hear the interview here

I'm a huge BBC radio one fan. I literally have it one all the time online. Fearne Cotton does a live lounge once or even twice a week, not sure. Anyway Ellie Goulding was is yesterday. As Fearne said, best live lounge of the year without a doubt!!

When Fearne took over from Jo Whiley i wasn't too thrilled with the change, but I've really come round to her. She can wake me up like no other! I am one of these people who often blurs the line between real friends and celebrity's or characters. So if you ever hear me say her name in conversation: "oh yeah, Fearne said that the other day". I do in fact realise me and Fearne aren't friends, she's just my radio friend.

Here are a few of her quirky fashion moments..

in conclusion, we like Fearne, we also really like Ellie!

Friday, December 10, 2010

the past month in words for me

bailout bailout bailout ~ imf ~ snow ~ xfactor ~ brian cown ~ snow ~ cold ~ protest ~ students ~ treacherous ~car breaking down ~ weather ~ cross people ~ election ~ snow ~ politics ~ ice ~ dublin bus curtailments ~ budget ~impassable ~royal wedding ~ wikileaks ~ JMJ~  insuficiant funds ~ toyshow ~ presents ~ shopping ~ budget ~twitter~ weather ~ stress ~ thaw ~ sleep.

treacherous was definitely my favorite.

piv via here (fave blog of the moment)

Pretty much sums up what I got out of it i think. I have mostly worried a lot about it all. Being glued to twitter and the news has not helped. I'm hearing al lot of complaining but not many solutions, sure this is it.
The only thing to do now is put on Christmas FM and get on with it..

chin up blog-land :)

CoraLlei handbags...yes please

My one and only favorite thing is a new handbag. 
Mostly I like to drool over them online, however i got to drool over some real life handbags at the Xpose Xmas Xperiance. Nothing can make my day like a good handbag and the Coral Lei bags are no different. 
My mother dragged me to the RDS that day, and yes she physically dragged me off the couch, there's no stoppin' that woman when she wants to go somewhere.
I was far more impressed with the Xpose show compared to Toys for Big Boys. All they had was cars, those gels that heat up with you smush them, about 4 palm readers and more cars. Although i did have free tickets.

Xpose Xmas Xperiance was €20, which was far too much, no student price either which annoys me to no end. Anyway they stalls were good. Saw the Stellar people, of course this was before Fade Street, so didn't get an autograph! Me and the mother watched a few people get just lying there gettin' a bitta botox...weird! I couldn't stop watching actually and then we met Lorna from CoraLlei.

clearly I'm only thrilled/petrified of getting my photo taken

I'm pretty sure this is my fave, love the chain detail and the colour.

All the bags are made from natural products, i have no idea how this is possible, but i love that. Fashion and doing my bit to save the world.

 love this fringe one too the clasp to open in was so cute.

the lovely Lorna wrapping up my bag.
Here's the  Facebook and the Website, enjoy!

unrequited love for Mary

Hello Mary*. 
I recently remembered how very pretty you are and how cool you seemed to be and was wondering if you'd like to go out sometime? I know it's been ages, and that over the course of this time you may have gotten less pretty or less cool, or I may have gotten less pretty or less cool, but I'd like to find out either way.


Now if you're chuckling away to yourself reading this, or if you think what awful novel did i lift this from. I can confirm that this is an actual facebook mail my friend got today. 

I couldn't not share.. 

First of all, its vaguely insulting, 'less pretty or less cool', and he's still willing to go out with her?! what a catch! My brain is baffled. Is this a bet or a joke? Apparently it is not. Mary tells me that the young man is a bit socially way, really?

..and since we're all sharing i have to say that this is not the first time young Mary has been the object of a creepy guys affection. 
For years, Mary came home from college, wrecked, in need of a nap and flopped onto her bed. usually throwing her books, laptop, clothes around the place for the relief of pjs and a duvet. Not once thinking she was being watched....that's right.
In all the years she floated about the privacy of her room, she didn't close the curtains. Recently the parents of the young man living behind Mary happen to be in his room, only to see herself coming out of the shower, i wont bore you wit the details, but there may have been nudity involved...i know i know! This was meant to be a PG blog.

Anywho, they went on to tell her parents and poor Mary was sat down to let her know that leaving curtains open and prancing around you're room naked is really only inviting Peeping Tom's to have a gawk.

There you go people, be warned, even if you have trees outside the window, close your curtains!

I know Irish guys sometime get a hard time from us young ladies. But i think they're going to have to try a lil harder..

*name have been changed to make this a little less embarrassing...just a little.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

cheer up charlie

This is amazing, if real, which i think it is. I know for a fact sheep dogs and sheep are highly intelligent, hello I've seen Babe!

makes me want a pet sheep instead of a micro-pig now....

(if you haven't see this enjoy!)

..animals eh!? I'm really coming round to the idea of having a pet.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

blogger block

I am alive blog, alive with the sound of music! 

such posts that are on the way... i look forward to awe you all

 wait till you see what i pull out of the box..

Tomorrow i finally see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows which i just finished reading..
and this is very exciting for me... (love this jacket!)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Swap till you Drop


On Sunday (stormy Sunday as it will no doubt go down in history..NAAAAT), I went along to the Swap till You Drop event at the Workmans Club on Wellington Quay.
I'm not very familiar with the Quays so i was wandering around until i noticed a few fashionista's and decided to follow them. Once i saw Sonja Lennon for RTE'S Off the Rails i knew i was on the right track. 

I was helping out in the 'Tunnel of Luck'! The event organised by the fabulous Síona Ryan was in aid of the Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association. When i arrived it was packed. The crowd of fashionable women were litterly chomping at the bit to get in and swap their clothes.

And swap they did.. please exuse the poor quality of photos, i cudnt fit the fancy camera in my handbag!

I really hope they hold another STYD, it was great craic chatting to everyone and some of the pieces were to die for, Stella McCartney & Vivienne Westwood, John Rocha, Longchamp& McQueen all made an appearence. 

Next time i will have a bag of clothes to swap and camera at the ready. I love the idea of swaping you're junk for somebody else's. I didn't come out empty handed either, am now the owner of a vintage royal blue wool pencil skirt, pics to come when i figure out what to wear it with!

Gossip Girl brought straight to you from me

I do not like Vanessa...that is all i have to say.

what did u think of the episode?

Falling for Olivia Palermo

Throughout the years i have been a huge hills/city fan. The reason I liked The Hills at first was solely because Lauren and Whitney worked at Teen Vogue. Those were the days eh?! Before they all had boob jobs and speidi went mad for those rocks..or whatever they were. 

When Whit (that's right i feel I'm on nickname terms with her) moved to New York and ran into Olivia Palermo, i hated her. I really did, i didn't like when the story would focus on her and preferred to change channel. However over the years I've come to terms that maybe...just maybe, the editing of The City was a lil harsh on her.  

She's been popping up as i surf the web for the past year now. As much as i tried to fight it, i was looking at photos of her and articles about her more and more.

I feel it's time to finally admit that i like her, this doesn't mean i like you any less Whit, we can still be BFF!

and so, an ode to Olivia..

short brunette hair suits her so much better, its softens her, 
way better than her streaky blond days.

Here she was on Vogue's "Today I'm Wearing".. have a good stalk.

 aw look shes smiles!!

so what I've learnt is that A. Olivia Palermo can crack one hell of a smile and B. she can usually be found carrying a clutch and C. her boyfriend is SMOKIN, see below.

Think i saw this on Fash Mob ages ago..


ah love...blah blah blah

Saturday, November 6, 2010

something new and different

Ryanair add in today's Irish Examiner

If you don't know the background behind this story, basically a Cork radio DJ from  got a little too comfortable on an Aer Lingus flight from London to Cork.

The link below has all the deets and his apology. After about 15 minutes of hysterical laughing i started to feel bad for this dude. Publicly having to admit he had a wank (there i said it, please don't think me less of a young lady) on a plane in front of the air hostess's and other passengers, he's most likely learnt his lesson.

I don't know what Neil Prenderville did to get such crap karma and i dread to think what he was drinking, but i think he's had enough humiliation, getting the rape crisis centre and the Gardaí seems a bit OTT to me. Whatever beef the Examiner have with himself, i can't really think of him as a villain...just not great at holding his drink.

It does make me a bit dubious of cork men though.

Have a listen for yourself

and never mix pill and pints!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

love your links

Last night in my online marketing class we learnt all sorts of useful Internet jargon, found out where all the cool web pages are, and did a whole lot of twittering! Well that was mostly me as the rest of my class mates aren't mad for the twitter...yet! 

This fine afternoon i wanna share some "secret media tools" ie; better looking links
Whether its on twitter, facebook, email or wherever else you Internet nerds find yourself, there are some pretty hideous looking links floating around. In real life and internet life i am a clean- freak and like things to be neat and efficient.

So instead of having links like this:

 you could have it like this..
To do that i used the website 
If you want to customise the link, everyone loves a bitta customizing!, you have to sign in and create an account, which only takes a sec, so then you can make you're link look like this:

There are a few other site that do the same

 now go clean up your links and your bedrooms, cuz i know you haven't hoovered in a while

hope somebody finds this useful! :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

new gossip girl!!

this is a great episode.....



I'm not really interested in November, It doesn't offer much to the table for me, no birthdays, no events, cold & rain. However the most distressing issue for this November is my back account situation. I was sadly emergency taxed this month. which would be grand if i had saved some money, but alas  the day i went to open a savings account was the same day i read Whisty's blog post about her finds in TK Maxx and off i went to TK Maxx and burnt a hole in my laser card.

There's no-one to blame but myself for the €4.23 in my account. Times like this i wish i hadn't bought all that fake blood and scab make-up for Halloween.
And so my weekly budget is as follows:
  • car: i have a 1/2 tank of diesel so we're all good to cruise around/go to work
  • communication: i have a full phone of credit for all my textual needs and free texts to satisfy my 100 texts a day quota.
  • food: this is gonna be tricky, i plan to make cheese sandwiches (mild & creamy wexford cheese on brown bread) every time i leave the house. i have a flask to bring tea... yes it is that bad! I also plan to steal the mothers kitkats and leftover trick-r-treater sweeties, and  if i get hungry i will have to come home, realistically meaning i can only go out for three to four hours max at a time. (I'm a slave to my stomach)
  • socializing: his is tricky, I'm owed one koppaberg and a third of a bottle of peach snapps from a friend, so if the situation should occur that a night on the town is on the cards, i can just about manage and of course my womanly wiles may get me a drink... although in the past they never have! and of course the free in before 11:30 policy in my local jaunt makes for a fun night.
  • miscellaneous: apart from the €2.20 for the bus i might need once or twice, right now i can't think of anything else I could possibly need, of course as the week goes on I'm pretty sure I'll be drawn to something or other sparkly. basically theres will be no shopping or buying silly things.

whats that i hear who you say? what will i do next week...?? well I'll deal with that when i get there, don't burst my bubble!!

money willl only get you so far anyway

updates on my life as a pauper to follow.. :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010



I'm so happy Antone is making some money offa this! 
also great hallowe'en idea, although maybe it would be more fun to dress up as a bed intruder?!

If you haven't seen the original video, you are crap and probably only go online once a month, for shame. Watch it and get outta my sight.

lol, jk, come back please.. ;)

...too much lol jk? sorry.

we're all going on a summer holiday

Such an exciting feeling one gets when they are off to the airport, holding your passport tight, going through security, being stopped and made take you shoes off, going through to be searched, going back to the start to take you're belt off, finally getting through and then off to your gate.

I had the pleasure of having an airport experience on Wednesday, however when i left i was still in Dublin. So.... not as much fun really. Although its not every day you see scantly clad gorgeous people strutting their stuff down to Gate D and back up to The Loop shopping area while you're re-buying all the make-up and liquids that security took!

Did you know you can shop in the airport, not just Irish whisky, litres of vodka, chocolate and perfume, oooh no times have changed. Superdry, Lk Bennet, Fatface, Calvin Klein, Boggi, Louis Copeland and Monsoon are all there. Where they always there? Shows how much i travel, my mom would know, shes on a plane every other week trying to get away from us, lol* jk, she loves us....:P

So instead of packing, you can buy a few bits for you're holliers at the Airport. some at a bit of a discount of course, LK Bennet are doing exclusive shoes for about 20% off, if only i had any money i woulda gone mad!

the passengers were only thrilled to have them.

actual airplane in the background!

 On the way to gate D...which is no joke a mile or two away, thank god T2 wasn't open yet, the trek would been a nightmare.

took me all day to find a real life pilot! He really didn't wanna be in a photo, oh well.

In conclusion the airport is fun, but probably more fun when you get to go on a plane. Soon i will go on a plane i hope...*hint hint graduation trip to London/Paris/Milan/even Cork?*... hopefully...

Bon Voyage, enjoy the shopping ;)

*im coming around to the use of 'lol jk' online, however the phrase "I lol'd" is not acceptable, u laughed/chuckled/spit out ur coffee...u do not lol...

Monday, October 18, 2010

hello Autumn

While most people are mourning the summer, i say boo summer (that's right i said that!..what ya gonna do?) bring on the Autumn/Winter!

No, I don't enjoy being rained on, or cold wind, and I'm not keen about waiting for my bus in the dark when the hour changes, HOWEVER I am looking forward to layering up, hot water bottles, boots, Xfactor - it my first time following it from the start, and even Christmas (even though its far to soon to mention it).

so yeah we like Autumn because of
  • layers
  • hot chocolate
  • warm hugs 
  • the C word we cant say yet
  • lots of Gossip Girl and autumn TV schedules
  • kids back at school and not wandering around in gangs
  • going back to wearing factor 15 instead of 50 during the day (just me?)
  • staring a nice fire

not so much looking forward to :
  • Jack Frost
  • nose's running away
  • my car refusing to start on chilly mornings
  • the boiler breaking, as it does every year.
  • chapped lips
  • inside out umbrellas


tales of DIY Dad

For anyone who has entered my humble abode they know well that for the past 10, who am i kidding?!, 10 plus years we have been 'building' the house. Not that i live in some sort of shelter with no roof, the basic house structure is there, walls and a roof are there. 

However around 1996, Dad became engrossed in a programme called Changing Rooms, then came Grand Designs, then Extreme House Makeover, DIY SOS, 60Minute Makeover and so on. The notion to "do it yourself"  with  a bit of MDF pretty much blew his mind. Why call a builder, plumber, carpenter, roofer, when you can just do it? As the years went on, our collection of DIY tapes, books and dvds grew. Along with them so did the holes in our walls, garden, no part of the house was safe.

I think i was in 6th class when i heard we were getting a sun room. The thought of this was quite exciting, we could have a room with another TV, and our friends could come over an play in it. WOW! 
I'm now finished college and my friends still cant come over to play unless we sit quietly in the kitchen:/ I used to write letters to Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen begging him to come to my house and fix it, never knowing where i was meant to send the letters, they were pretty much useless.

Altho it seems the winds have changed or maybe DIY dad's had some sort of epiphany because last month walls were built.... actually stone (concrete?) walls. They're lovely. 
Then after a weekend of working and not being in the house during the day i woke up to a black shadow at the window. Low and behold there is a roof. A ROOF! AFTER 14 YEARS THERE IS A ROOF AND WALLS. 
Now i don't know how likely this sort of progress is in the long run, but it's a bloody miracle that there is what might be a room. 

Long gone is the huge hole that was my back garden. Gone are the days in the summer when all the men of the road would come around in wellys and dig. This 'project' has been much to the amusement of pretty much everyone except the husbands that got to live the dream of "doing it yourself" if only for an hour in my back garden. 
The wives don't have to commiserate with my mom anymore that her garden was taken over by a mad man with a concrete mixer and a wheelbarrow.

It's not like im off to ikea to get a new couch or anything, but there is a glimer of hope.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

a month on this still makes me lough out loud


Hes climbin in yo window, he's snatchin yo people up,
tryin to rape em, so you better hide yo kids, hide yo wife,
hide yo kids, hide yo wife
hide yo kids, hide yo wife
and hide yo husband, cuz they rapin' errybody out there.

You dont have to come and confess, cuz we're lookin' for you.
we gon fiiind you, we gon fiiind you.
so you can run and tell that, run and tell that, run and tell that
 home boy, home home homeboy!

We got yo tee-shirt an you done left finger prints and all that, 
you are so dumb, you are really dumb,
fo real.

The man left leaving behind evidence
I was attacked by some idiot in the projects..

so dumb, so dumb, so dumb, so (dumb).
Hes climbin in yo window,he's snatchin yo people up,
tryin to rape em, so you better hide yo kids, hide yo wife,
hide yo kids, hide yo wife
hide yo kids, hide yo wife
and hide yo husband, cuz they rapin' errybody out there.

You don't have to come and confess, cuz we're lookin' for you.
we gon fiiind you, we gon fiiind you.
so you can run and tell that, run and tell that, run and tell that
 home boy, home home homeboy!

...yes i transcribed the lyrics in case you feel the urge to sing along, i know i did.

(this is for you Aising!)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

serena rhymes with ena

fancy that.....

my fave gossip girl, not because i enjoy her constant drama or man trouble, but because i could live in her closet and be a happy woman for ever and ever...amen.

*the prize if you make it to the bottom of this post ;)


While i like Serena's boho chic look, I wouldn't wear it myself. Her fitted jackets and skinny jeans are more my style. I love how she keeps it young with pops of colour.

I know there are a million more pics of Blake/Serena, but these are a few of my favourite for the Autumn/Winter season



Monday, October 11, 2010

shtory bud

Hardy Bucks has finally made it from computer to RTE.... this is BIG!!

Tuesday is V-Day....Viper day....excellent


god only knows how they're going to re-inact the foam party scene... 

If you haven't seen Hardy Bucks before, or have been living under a rock,
here's the original in all its glory..


so no pressure or anything, but RTE better not have screwed this up. 
It's all i have atm

trusty list


possible things to do on a day off (not a day off from work, a day off cuz there is no work:/)

  • go for a run
  • clean room
  • help dad build roof out the back
  • back up my computer for fear its on its last legs
  • drink eat my trouble away
  • text everyone i know to ask what they are doing
  • go out to the lovely day and take pictures with fancy camera i insisted on getting and haven't learnt how to use
  • start/complete reading list for night course
  • read a bit of harry potter before the film comes out
  • go snooping in my brothers rooms...for spare change perhaps 
  • catch up on Xfactor
 This time a week or two a go i was mad for a day off, but only one, just to maybe have a shower, catch up with my mom, clean my clothes, on the second day of not working I immediately regretted those thoughts.
The grass is greener on the other side and the sun is shining and the birds are singing and everyone has white teeth.
Fingers crossed i wont have another gloomy week on my couch, after Desperate Housewives I will be proactive i swear.

i like rickey gervais... and elmo, hence...

Friday, October 8, 2010

social media is taking over... u heard it here first

just started a course in DBS in online marketing and digital strategy.. 
sounds fancy? yes it is, i am fancy, have on class an i have been nerding it up since, haven't been so excited to study since before college, my inner nerd has been set free.

This video sums up what my class was about on Wednesday, the music makes for a more dramatic experience, i muted it half way through, 
enjoy social media nerds!

have a look at this here..

loving Freja, off to watch the rest now.