Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I hear my girl Olivia Palermo is starting a blog.

 I will of course be glued to it. I Fell for Olivia after The City, where she was bi-otch, as i realised that she is a Mecca of style and we all need to break in to her house an steal her wardrobe.

This will mean that I probably will neglect even more that i usually do, sorry readers (all 3 of you).

Also she has started smiling more as i stalk pictures of her,

ah I love a good smile.

In other news, i got a real life full time job. Rejoice at my success, the west coast cooler's on me from now on folks! Will do a post on the hardship of finding appropriate work wear soon.

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  1. WHAT! She is starting a blog?!!! AMAZING! I'm in love with her!