Thursday, June 17, 2010

the day that was minus craic

found a great Blog, this pic feels like me now....FED UP!

Today was 'the' day, the big day we had been waiting for. Four long years of hard work and not so hard work boiled down to one day an one grade..... 

...HOWEVER this was not to be, as our lecturers of someone must have got the day wrong because they did NOT come out.

3 long hours or refreshing the page and nothing to show for it. There ya go DIT, take hours of my life that i cant get back and torture me.

 boo you DIT... boo

..also have not worked in a while and today that letter I've been dreading arrived, why do i have to pay tax if i can't get job seekers allowance? Really now Brian Cowen.....unsound of you.


rant over

Sunday, June 13, 2010

secret obsession no.1

I don't know why i never really 100% want to admit this, but i am a complete Olsen twin freak. I confess to stalking their style, copying there mannerisms and watching every episode of 'Two of 
a kind' and 'So Little Time'.....twice. I admit to legging it home from school every half day to see So 'Little Time' on BBC2 i think.

I think that it was a bit uncool in school to like them as they seemed younger, then when they became 'cool' and the likes i had never said i loved them so thought i would be jumping the band wagon.... basically i should learn to trust my instincts about who or what is cool, ha!
If you haven't got a copy of their book Influence i say get your hand on a copy!! Its a good thing to have on a rainy day to flick through, make you smile and imagine the impossible.
I love how they have remained private throughout the years. And far as i know they aren't drugged up or taking part in any shameless reality shows, they also have yet to get the uber stylish DUI that most Hollywood starlets seem to be a fan of.

So shout out to them for being sound

and a very Happy Birthday!!.

...and here is the mother of all Olsen sites!! How have i only discovered this now?!

♥♥♥ it


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I do...

the D4 Berkley Court Wedding Fair...

Amazing Cakes, this is actually the name of the company, these seriously taste as good as they look!! check out the cute one below! love it, click here to have a gawk at their site!

just to set the record straight, i am not getting married, i was working at a wedding fair a week or two ago. These are a few snaps i felt the need to share! we had 6 fashion shows over the two day fair, this might in theory seem like a lot, but once we had done one, we were literally doing them with our eyes closed! The 1st Option models were excellent as usual. Brendan Courtney hosted the event too who is always fun to work with. Lovely way to spend a weekend, even though it was over 20 degrees outside at the time!!
few gĂșnas there for ya girls, didn't get a chance to try any one, which was for the best I'd say, the fella would had a mini heart attach if i came home with pics of me in a white dress.


mid show time, clearly i wasn't to busy if i had time to take a few snaps!