Saturday, May 29, 2010

Once in Kilkenny

Went to Kilkenny for a mini get away this week, as ye do.
The place was riddeled with american toursists. No offence to america, but they produce the most annoying tourists. Why they feel the need to talk so loudly to each other in every museem is baffeling. I mean fair there museems are full or artifacts an paintings either a few hundread yeras old or stolen from every other country in the world, so to see paintings from the 9 centuary must be kinda cool for them, however i do not appriciate their video taping and chatting about every single one, some people just want to look in silence. 
ok rant over.. i very much like america btw.

little did we know what we would find down this slip ally way. I LOVE secret passage ways and short cuts, there was a few of these around the town, which proved to be good craic at night when we were lost with a drink or 5 on us!

This was by far the best sweet shop i've ever found! Reminds me of one i found in Chicago yeqars ago, but this one has every sweet you can think of, all the old school apple drops an refreshers. I certinly will be makinga trip back there once the huge bag i got runs out!

E :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

karl's trying to be a film maker like me!


not that i really understand whats going on, but i love just watching this!

 2nd half after the jump..

 loves it

and heres one I made earlier..

This is my first official job!! I was the assistant stylist on this shoot for Exposé, apart from being evacuated from the Hugh Lane Gallery a few times, i had a great ole time with Glenda herself.

all clothes are from Pennys on Henry street, Karen Millen in Clearys, Berska in Jervis, Beneton in Stephens Green and BT2 on Grafton street. Email me for any other details!

*also pics coming, as i have retrieved my camera!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I have this friend, she's my 'bessie for life' as ya might say, lets call her S, because
(a) she liked the gossip girl books when she was a youngun' and will think that's cool and  
(2) because I can't go on reveling people identities on my own blog....

actually scratch that i just watched the latest Gossip Girl on side reel and 'S' does sound cooler.
Myself and S were once  very like the young Miss Granger, fluffy hair that no-one could control, nerdy and obsessed with Harry Potter. We spent our time making up songs about our beanie babies, Ziggy was mine and Pugsly was hers. We made up email addresses when the Internet came about, why we needed an email account, i have no clue, hermionerox4evr and emeraldbarbie02, neither of wish to claim who owns which.

Much like Hermione Granger and Emma Watson, S and I grew up and learned of the wonders of GHDs and conditioner.

here's a few Emma Watson pics we love...
Also Emma Watson is only 20.......that's depressing... 

when am i gonna be cast in my first film or at least in a girl band already?

walk walk jog, walk walk jog, walk walk fall down

I am currently been put through a training regime by my 'coach' for the Women's Mini Marathon. 

Anyone who knows me would probably me spitting out their tea at the thought of me running. I was talked in to this little venture by my triathlete/fitness obsessed fella. So i went out to Buy Runners and signed up immediately, without a thought of the actual task i was taking on. I now am sitting on the couch in cosy clothes thinking about the 10k trek that lies ahead of me. And who's to blame.. but myself?!

10 k? Oh my god what was I thinking? Here's a link to the route..

So, while i could sit moaning about this ordeal I've gotten myself into, I decides to make the most of the situation and drag my other class mates into it too! Myself and five other aspiring documentary makers will be running.. ahem...jogging...oh who am i kidding we will be walking the Mini Marathon to raise fund for our two documentaries we have been filming the past semester!

Anyone interesting in donating a bitta cashish or just laughing at me run should email me.
interesting in joining me? HERE'S the link to where all your wildest running dreams begin.

E :)