Saturday, May 1, 2010

walk walk jog, walk walk jog, walk walk fall down

I am currently been put through a training regime by my 'coach' for the Women's Mini Marathon. 

Anyone who knows me would probably me spitting out their tea at the thought of me running. I was talked in to this little venture by my triathlete/fitness obsessed fella. So i went out to Buy Runners and signed up immediately, without a thought of the actual task i was taking on. I now am sitting on the couch in cosy clothes thinking about the 10k trek that lies ahead of me. And who's to blame.. but myself?!

10 k? Oh my god what was I thinking? Here's a link to the route..

So, while i could sit moaning about this ordeal I've gotten myself into, I decides to make the most of the situation and drag my other class mates into it too! Myself and five other aspiring documentary makers will be running.. ahem...jogging...oh who am i kidding we will be walking the Mini Marathon to raise fund for our two documentaries we have been filming the past semester!

Anyone interesting in donating a bitta cashish or just laughing at me run should email me.
interesting in joining me? HERE'S the link to where all your wildest running dreams begin.

E :)

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