Saturday, May 29, 2010

Once in Kilkenny

Went to Kilkenny for a mini get away this week, as ye do.
The place was riddeled with american toursists. No offence to america, but they produce the most annoying tourists. Why they feel the need to talk so loudly to each other in every museem is baffeling. I mean fair there museems are full or artifacts an paintings either a few hundread yeras old or stolen from every other country in the world, so to see paintings from the 9 centuary must be kinda cool for them, however i do not appriciate their video taping and chatting about every single one, some people just want to look in silence. 
ok rant over.. i very much like america btw.

little did we know what we would find down this slip ally way. I LOVE secret passage ways and short cuts, there was a few of these around the town, which proved to be good craic at night when we were lost with a drink or 5 on us!

This was by far the best sweet shop i've ever found! Reminds me of one i found in Chicago yeqars ago, but this one has every sweet you can think of, all the old school apple drops an refreshers. I certinly will be makinga trip back there once the huge bag i got runs out!

E :)

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