Wednesday, November 23, 2011

CoraLlei Love

Fringe bag €165

The lovely Lorna over at CoraLlei has just launched her limited edition winter collection. If you haven't heard of CoraLlei before, well let me tell you she trained with the maker of Mulberry, Karen Millen along with Livia Firth, actor Colin Firth’s wife, have both recently been spotted carrying her designs and most of all she hails from Bray, Co. Wicklow...not biased just think its a lovely place!

The fringe bag above is inspired by Marlene Dietrich (loves!)

As well as this fringe bag she has a new range of Mini CoraLlei purses for €55 each. The purses are available in 4 styles and are made with a mixture of leather and suede alternatives, Italian wool, lace and hounds-tooth fabric..a la the Kardashians

Wanna see some of her collection in the flesh(fabric?) Irish ethical designer, Lorna Burton, will debut stunning new lines from her CoraLlei collection at the ‘Ladies Night out in Style’ evening at Longueville House in Mallow on Thursday, 24th November at 7.30pm.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

my face looks like this under ultraviolet light

BEHOLD, the work of Francoise Nielly 

"French artist Francoise Nielly is no stranger to the grand scale.  Her vibrant, illuminating works regularly span six feet in length, a size that gives her work a captivating quality.  These portraits capture the beauty and emotion of a range of faces, showing the colorful variety of the human spirit" -You're not wrong..

 If ever I wanted a family portrait it is my this woman. My art class is going pretty well, so I'm cultural -ising my brain at the moment to get into painting. So far I'm terrified of paint and much more comfortable with a pencil. 

Just WOW... I love colour

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hello Movember

This week........

I went mad for skeletons. I make a pretty good skeleton as I'm already pretty white and bony.

I also assisted on a fashion shoot for Fash Mob with Rosemary Mac Cabe and considering I read it religiously, I was pretty chuffed to be a helper for the day.


this happened

Now I know she's not in her Hit Me Baby days...(WHO IS?) ..and she doesn't dance and may have had one to many slices of toast..but it's still Britney Spears. I pretty much lost my cool from the opening song until the end. 
Feel free to rip it outta me.

...I'll just be over here listening to Opps I Did It Again (a classic)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

neon movie poster that move..

What a creative post title..

Err' body needs to check this out!

Mr. Whaite is a pop artist and neon obsessive,or so say his blog. Go have a look at his blog right now and treat your eyeballs for a Thursday.

 now I have the Back to the Future song in my head..

I LOVE these, don't you internet? I want one so bad. Check out Mr. Whaite's Twitter for more.

..also check out my twitter if you need some more of my babble in you life.

Monday, October 17, 2011

if only a cartoon could be the president

Love this cartoon by Niall O'Loughlin, as the presidential race heats up the main question is are YOU registered to vote?

Fear not, Register here or ask me to check for you..

Another caricaturist I'm a big fan of is Allan Cavanagh, who was working with me over the weekend. I'm only thrilled with his portrait of me.....wouldn't you be!?

Friday, October 7, 2011

this week..

This guy

Steve Jobs probably inspired more people than ever as he passed away on Thursday. My news feed was full of 'big' quotes, but for once I didn't mind the spammyness of it all.

Annie Mac was in all week for Fearne Cotton, and so i was introduced to some serious tunes. I love that she's irish, but for some reason on Irish  radio stations, i'm just not impressed with the dj's.

its a bit like the music on Ci Ci Cavanagh's blog, which i LOVE! Go listen now, its just like having background music to your life. I imagine it would be the music to the show about me, if i was in a Truman Show kinda world.

Also I decided i'm going to balayage my hair (whats that, a year late you say? shut up), my hair is kinda sorta naturally balayaged (in your face). I would love to go with peachy tones, as pink would be a bit much in work at the moment, ala Lauren Conrad

..and finally i started an art class (i know, check me out)..

currently drawing an hopefully painting a lot of Tim Walker photos

This is a poor selection of his work, go buy the book, it's unreal. Every photo is like something you may have imagined once and there it is, in print!

and for now  i bid you adieu...has anyone gone into Dublin Contemporary yet? I must this weekend, I hear good things.

On facebook? OMG, me too!

Monday, September 19, 2011


This weekend i was working at a small slice of London Fashion Week at the Roberto Cavalli Party in London. (I was meant to stay the week but unfortunately the National Ploughing Championships are on and i'm working at them too - I KNOW, lets never speak of this again)....anyways.......
As you can imagine Roberto Cavalli likes thinks big, over the top and with no expense spared. My eyes were nearly falling outta my head the entire time, the chandeliers, the canapés, the fashion, the fake boobs, the celebs.... it was like being in an episode of the only way is Essex but x100,000,000 (no exaggeration!)

Unfortunately i was run of my feet showing Pixie Lott where the toilets were and the like to take any photos, but all i can tell you is that Una Healy from the Saturdays does not look preggers but is a babe. Cher Loyd is a midget, and a babe, and all the cast of Made in Chelsea are babes.
 (OK, enough name dropping)

Now go check out Rosemary MacCabe's Fash Blog as she will give you the real Fashion Week insight!

..or here on Grazia

 on here on the Guardian Blog

apologies for no pics but i'm distracted watching Made in Chelsea!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

counting sheep

Five subtle hints to suggest you are not getting enough sleep..

  • you wake up after a short 'apres-work nap' assuming that the clock saying 7:00 means its time to get ready for work. (You know you're really really tired if you actually get in the car and head to the office). STOP its 7pm, there's still time to watch online telly and eat toast.
  • skipping meals/bathroom breaks - because that would be too much effort
  • seeing sheep - check your surroundings, are you on a farm? NO? Ok you're now so tired you're visualizing those sheep you used to count
  • sending long and detailed descriptions of toilet facilities to the wrong person, or just any old email to the wrong person
  • getting into the shower with your socks still on
These are some or all things that I may have experienced, enjoy the below images while I go to bed.

 too tired to put pants on is also a telling sign

all photos from Google*

*you would not believe how many photos of sleeping babies, kittens or puppy's there are on google, you should thank me for sparing you.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Festivals forever

I am currently mourning the summer festivals. I did quiet well this year and attended Sea Sessions in Bundoran, which was wet, Oxegen for the day and saw Beyonce who was preggers and we didnt know, Castlepalooza and of course my favorite Electric Picnic. I cant think of one highlight, but sitting inside listening to the rain this evening does make me wish i was in a field with glowsticks, running to a tent to see a band. 
All in all Irish summers are just fine by me so quit you're whining and get you 2012 tickets!
here are some of my fave outfits all stolen from facebook pics..

..until 2012

for next year i hope we have more feathers and turbans, as modeled here by my friend Aisling
 i predict we'll be sporting the turban by next year (fingers crossed)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Have a little listen here on a Wednesday

now have a listen to this, i like it..

This suits my mood right now, things are afoot..

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Things i like....and you should too

Shutterbug is a shop I've been following on The Facebook for some time. I'm not going to lie, I've never actually been there, but everyday is exciting when you follow them as they post pics of new treasures every day! I've been asking all my friends to make the trip to Kilkenny with me to have a snoop, alas my friends left me for the greener pastures of Thailand (real sound lads), so I'm planning to go alone next time I'm free and happen to have a full tank of diesel.

..also a blog I love is Bláthnaidwho is one other faces behind Shutterbug - I gather from my fairly obvious stalking.

If I was to have a shop, (which i would LOVE) it would be like this. On arrival, a cup of tea and sit down on something cosy would be offered. 

Ear cuffs, why not!

So go on an like then on FB and procrastinate you're day away looking at the lovely things.

Also found this site via Shutterbug, Etsy. Check me out getting all vintage and cool!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Times like this i just love twitter,

Murdoch gets a plate of shaving foam in the face and Wendy the wife smacks the intruder.

You cant make this stuff up! I love news and its easy to get sucked in while on Twitter, if you are not on twitter, whaaaaaat are you waiting for? Its all go there..

James and Rupert Murdoch answer questions from a committee.

begs us all to ask why don't we have investigations in front of committees like this in Ireland? It seems insane that the former bank execs, churches and formers TD's get away with things without us all getting to hear them trying to explain themselves.

..and now I have to go concentrate on Rebbecca Brooks..

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Shout out to me Murder She Wrote fans

If there's one show on earth that makes me happy its Murder She Wrote. When i was in school i used to basically speed walk home on half days, I'd tell people it was to see Home and Away, it wasn't! When i wasn't working i could watch about 4 episodes a day. Sad, Pathetic you say? Well I'm afraid your wrong. At the moment my favorite channel to watch it is Alibi! On Saturday they show it all day!!!

 And to prove how cool Murder She Wrote is here are a few that have been lucky enough to be on it, Courteney CoxMarcia CrossNeil Patrick HarrisJoaquin PhoenixJean Simmons George Clooney and the dreamy Tom Selleck from Magnum P.I.

Courtney Cox

..and Magnum himself Tom Selleck

and now if you'll excuse me i have to  go watch some Murder She Wrote!