Thursday, August 4, 2011

Things i like....and you should too

Shutterbug is a shop I've been following on The Facebook for some time. I'm not going to lie, I've never actually been there, but everyday is exciting when you follow them as they post pics of new treasures every day! I've been asking all my friends to make the trip to Kilkenny with me to have a snoop, alas my friends left me for the greener pastures of Thailand (real sound lads), so I'm planning to go alone next time I'm free and happen to have a full tank of diesel.

..also a blog I love is Bláthnaidwho is one other faces behind Shutterbug - I gather from my fairly obvious stalking.

If I was to have a shop, (which i would LOVE) it would be like this. On arrival, a cup of tea and sit down on something cosy would be offered. 

Ear cuffs, why not!

So go on an like then on FB and procrastinate you're day away looking at the lovely things.

Also found this site via Shutterbug, Etsy. Check me out getting all vintage and cool!


  1. I think, from my own stalking, that Blaithnaid is also from here: another great blog!
    I would also love to visit this shop .. to sit on that sheepskin adorned couch if nothing else!

  2. Yup that's the same Blathnaid! I miss the Stylebitches, but I guess they're both off being fabulous, i'll let em off..

    well done with ur stalking!