Saturday, May 7, 2011

oh my heart bursts with rainbows at this..

i wish all children spoke french


I'm having a love affair with everything Adele at the moment. She is so talented but comes across so normal. As in we're not gonna see her doing a dance routine in a swimsuit and glitter any time soon... listen up Gaga, Katie, Britney, Keisha, Miley... put  some pants on! my stalking of Adele as been upped a notch today, i found her Blog.. i had a video which she posted on her blog a while ago but its off youtueb now, this will have to do! (oh well)

In conclusion, we like Adele, we like her music taste, we like that fact that she goes out drinking with her mates and we like that she has no immediate intention to sell a perfume with her blood in it or make her own branded corn flakes.

..and if you didn't see her Graham Norton interview the other night, watch it!! she recalls the time where she walked to the shop in a poncho dress with no underwear on, and as you can imagine the wind took advantage, resulting in her flashing a bus stop full of people, HA! 

this post goes out to Becky!


have you got this yet? all head and shoulders shots, but gorgeous!