Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Oh hi there England

Sooo, this is awkward, I up and left the country and my blog... but fear not dedicated Internet users, I'm here, I'm alive and I'm not going away...ever, isn't that comforting?!

On February 3rd (2012...this feels like it will be an important date for future autobiography ghost writers) I got an email, while I was getting my hair cut in the newly refurbished Peter Mark in Bray, asking me to start on Monday at Fabulous Magazine as an intern. So I thought to myself, as I my hair was being pulled out of numerous rolly hair brushes (which is excruciating), sure why not. 

Home I sped to book a flight and accommodation, moved to London two days later without any sort of plan.

some images of London, none of which look like the London I live it, but sure this is it..

My mom was surprisingly grand with this decision, while obviously I just thought I wouldn't tell my Dad, and he's eventually figure it out (harsh perhaps, but I didn't wanna stress him out)

..And off I went..

Since moving to London from the glorious Bray I have learned the following:

I really enjoy talking to strangers
I still can't cook
Being poor is grand, as you don't mind the noise of your stomach 
Londoners are only nice if you smile (a lot) and play up the Irish-ness
half the people you hang out with aren't really your friends, the few good ones will skype the bejasus outta you though.
I am turning into my Mother every day

That's about all for now, it's raining here, JUST like it used to in Ireland (I've become an extreme Irish Nostalgia-ist). I'm far more hopeful of employment and the likes here than at home, however I SHALL be back to Bray eventually.

Now I'm off to find my dream job....oh joy!

..also go check out my two fav blogs from Cici and Katie!

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