Friday, June 24, 2011

girl crush

kate kate kate, Every since seeing her in titanic i was like who is this wan, but it wasn't until she was in BBC's Extras that i got a full blown crush on Kate Winslet.

When Kate's on screen she bring a personality to any role, it so believable and charming that I'm convinced we could be great friends some day. be still my earning heart!

If you have seen BBC's Extras before(for shame), run out now an buy yourself the boxset, and The Office too while your at it!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Beauty Spot

At the moment I'm working on and event at called The Beauty SpotIts touring around Ireland for the next few weeks. Should be fun, fashionable and many other F-words (the ones obviously!) Lots of make up by New York Colour make-up, drinks from Eve and some pop up shops too!

Here some photos from the first night taken by The Irish News of the World facebook team.

It will be on again in Dakota on on the 30th of June, 7th July (so u can pick up some Oxygen gear) and again on the 14th of July.

And yes its a free event so I look forward to seeing you all there!

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

well this is akward

If you have a real life and don't care for celebrity gossip (i envy you) you may not know that Mr Hugh Hefner was meant to get married to this lovely young lady this Saturday. However 'Crystal had a change of heart', or so he tweeted.

Apparently you'l be able to get this issue with a big sticker saying 'runaway bride' on her bum. Nice.

I feel your pain Hef

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

nature and stuff

These pictures are from my 97 year old Grandad's garden. The only reason I say 97 is to make it sound more impressive and because i recently tweeted his was only 95!

He loves woodwork. He spends hours carving things, a lot of wooden birds, and nails them to his ridiculously high trees. You make have seen him up tree in Bray nailing a wooden cat chasing a wooden bird.

 I think this is meant to be a zebra..

 This is on the way out of the garden, its like cribs, "get the hell of my land".

I have to do another post on his garden, 
this is only the tip of the funny wooden carvings iceberg..

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 A friend of mine and her mother think i look like Meryl Streep, or at least that i will one day.. hey i'm not gonna argue with that one..

 I probably had seen her in lots of film before The Devil Wears Prada, but that one really stuck. I loved that she worked really hard and was respected, obviously it was Anna Wintour's like i was loving, but Meryl acted it so very well.

Now i'm not saying the Wikipedia knows all or anything, but its where i like to start off when on a quest for information on a well know person. so here, learn a bit about Meryl!