Wednesday, November 23, 2011

CoraLlei Love

Fringe bag €165

The lovely Lorna over at CoraLlei has just launched her limited edition winter collection. If you haven't heard of CoraLlei before, well let me tell you she trained with the maker of Mulberry, Karen Millen along with Livia Firth, actor Colin Firth’s wife, have both recently been spotted carrying her designs and most of all she hails from Bray, Co. Wicklow...not biased just think its a lovely place!

The fringe bag above is inspired by Marlene Dietrich (loves!)

As well as this fringe bag she has a new range of Mini CoraLlei purses for €55 each. The purses are available in 4 styles and are made with a mixture of leather and suede alternatives, Italian wool, lace and hounds-tooth fabric..a la the Kardashians

Wanna see some of her collection in the flesh(fabric?) Irish ethical designer, Lorna Burton, will debut stunning new lines from her CoraLlei collection at the ‘Ladies Night out in Style’ evening at Longueville House in Mallow on Thursday, 24th November at 7.30pm.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

my face looks like this under ultraviolet light

BEHOLD, the work of Francoise Nielly 

"French artist Francoise Nielly is no stranger to the grand scale.  Her vibrant, illuminating works regularly span six feet in length, a size that gives her work a captivating quality.  These portraits capture the beauty and emotion of a range of faces, showing the colorful variety of the human spirit" -You're not wrong..

 If ever I wanted a family portrait it is my this woman. My art class is going pretty well, so I'm cultural -ising my brain at the moment to get into painting. So far I'm terrified of paint and much more comfortable with a pencil. 

Just WOW... I love colour

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hello Movember

This week........

I went mad for skeletons. I make a pretty good skeleton as I'm already pretty white and bony.

I also assisted on a fashion shoot for Fash Mob with Rosemary Mac Cabe and considering I read it religiously, I was pretty chuffed to be a helper for the day.


this happened

Now I know she's not in her Hit Me Baby days...(WHO IS?) ..and she doesn't dance and may have had one to many slices of toast..but it's still Britney Spears. I pretty much lost my cool from the opening song until the end. 
Feel free to rip it outta me.

...I'll just be over here listening to Opps I Did It Again (a classic)