Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Times like this i just love twitter,

Murdoch gets a plate of shaving foam in the face and Wendy the wife smacks the intruder.

You cant make this stuff up! I love news and its easy to get sucked in while on Twitter, if you are not on twitter, whaaaaaat are you waiting for? Its all go there..

James and Rupert Murdoch answer questions from a committee.

begs us all to ask why don't we have investigations in front of committees like this in Ireland? It seems insane that the former bank execs, churches and formers TD's get away with things without us all getting to hear them trying to explain themselves.

..and now I have to go concentrate on Rebbecca Brooks..

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Shout out to me Murder She Wrote fans

If there's one show on earth that makes me happy its Murder She Wrote. When i was in school i used to basically speed walk home on half days, I'd tell people it was to see Home and Away, it wasn't! When i wasn't working i could watch about 4 episodes a day. Sad, Pathetic you say? Well I'm afraid your wrong. At the moment my favorite channel to watch it is Alibi! On Saturday they show it all day!!!

 And to prove how cool Murder She Wrote is here are a few that have been lucky enough to be on it, Courteney CoxMarcia CrossNeil Patrick HarrisJoaquin PhoenixJean Simmons George Clooney and the dreamy Tom Selleck from Magnum P.I.

Courtney Cox

..and Magnum himself Tom Selleck

and now if you'll excuse me i have to  go watch some Murder She Wrote!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Europe is alive with the sound of tweets

Saw these pics on The Daily Mail (a site i spend far too much time procrastinating on). The lights on the maps track the use of twitter and flicker, well done Mr. Eric Fischer!

 I love shots from space. The idea that there some lad up there with a camera looking down at us amuses me greatly.

World view of Twitter



How gorgeous is our twittering? I love views from the sky, this would make a great tee-shirt or wallpaper!? Reminds me of the Galaxy Leggings from Black Milk which i love!

Interested in more about space, check out NASA's site which i am quite the fan of!

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

summer festivals!

Had a blast at Oxegen yesterday! Was a little overcome with emotion at Beyonce and Coldplay to say the least!

I'm hitting up as many festivals as i can this year as i usually don't bother, mostly because of the rain and lack of funds, but not this year. This year I'm beg borrow or stealing my way into every festival!

 and this is my lovely Buckfast ring that i'll be trending this summer festival season!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I hear my girl Olivia Palermo is starting a blog.

 I will of course be glued to it. I Fell for Olivia after The City, where she was bi-otch, as i realised that she is a Mecca of style and we all need to break in to her house an steal her wardrobe.

This will mean that I probably will neglect even more that i usually do, sorry readers (all 3 of you).

Also she has started smiling more as i stalk pictures of her,

ah I love a good smile.

In other news, i got a real life full time job. Rejoice at my success, the west coast cooler's on me from now on folks! Will do a post on the hardship of finding appropriate work wear soon.