Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Falling for Olivia Palermo

Throughout the years i have been a huge hills/city fan. The reason I liked The Hills at first was solely because Lauren and Whitney worked at Teen Vogue. Those were the days eh?! Before they all had boob jobs and speidi went mad for those rocks..or whatever they were. 

When Whit (that's right i feel I'm on nickname terms with her) moved to New York and ran into Olivia Palermo, i hated her. I really did, i didn't like when the story would focus on her and preferred to change channel. However over the years I've come to terms that maybe...just maybe, the editing of The City was a lil harsh on her.  

She's been popping up as i surf the web for the past year now. As much as i tried to fight it, i was looking at photos of her and articles about her more and more.

I feel it's time to finally admit that i like her, this doesn't mean i like you any less Whit, we can still be BFF!

and so, an ode to Olivia..

short brunette hair suits her so much better, its softens her, 
way better than her streaky blond days.

Here she was on Vogue's "Today I'm Wearing".. have a good stalk.

 aw look shes smiles!!

so what I've learnt is that A. Olivia Palermo can crack one hell of a smile and B. she can usually be found carrying a clutch and C. her boyfriend is SMOKIN, see below.

Think i saw this on Fash Mob ages ago..


ah love...blah blah blah


  1. the girl can definitely put an outfit together but her chin or her voice or something about her demeanor irritates me.
    love this post!

  2. omg i cant stop staring at her chin now.. never noticed before!