Saturday, November 6, 2010

something new and different

Ryanair add in today's Irish Examiner

If you don't know the background behind this story, basically a Cork radio DJ from  got a little too comfortable on an Aer Lingus flight from London to Cork.

The link below has all the deets and his apology. After about 15 minutes of hysterical laughing i started to feel bad for this dude. Publicly having to admit he had a wank (there i said it, please don't think me less of a young lady) on a plane in front of the air hostess's and other passengers, he's most likely learnt his lesson.

I don't know what Neil Prenderville did to get such crap karma and i dread to think what he was drinking, but i think he's had enough humiliation, getting the rape crisis centre and the Gardaí seems a bit OTT to me. Whatever beef the Examiner have with himself, i can't really think of him as a villain...just not great at holding his drink.

It does make me a bit dubious of cork men though.

Have a listen for yourself

and never mix pill and pints!

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  1. Neil Prenderville is a horrible man....we monitor his show every day in work and he's terribly racist. He's one of those people who say things like "Now I'm not racist but I hate when I see foreigners working in restaurants/taking our jobs/etc" ....I couldn't be happier about his dose of karma! :)