Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I'm not really interested in November, It doesn't offer much to the table for me, no birthdays, no events, cold & rain. However the most distressing issue for this November is my back account situation. I was sadly emergency taxed this month. which would be grand if i had saved some money, but alas  the day i went to open a savings account was the same day i read Whisty's blog post about her finds in TK Maxx and off i went to TK Maxx and burnt a hole in my laser card.

There's no-one to blame but myself for the €4.23 in my account. Times like this i wish i hadn't bought all that fake blood and scab make-up for Halloween.
And so my weekly budget is as follows:
  • car: i have a 1/2 tank of diesel so we're all good to cruise around/go to work
  • communication: i have a full phone of credit for all my textual needs and free texts to satisfy my 100 texts a day quota.
  • food: this is gonna be tricky, i plan to make cheese sandwiches (mild & creamy wexford cheese on brown bread) every time i leave the house. i have a flask to bring tea... yes it is that bad! I also plan to steal the mothers kitkats and leftover trick-r-treater sweeties, and  if i get hungry i will have to come home, realistically meaning i can only go out for three to four hours max at a time. (I'm a slave to my stomach)
  • socializing: his is tricky, I'm owed one koppaberg and a third of a bottle of peach snapps from a friend, so if the situation should occur that a night on the town is on the cards, i can just about manage and of course my womanly wiles may get me a drink... although in the past they never have! and of course the free in before 11:30 policy in my local jaunt makes for a fun night.
  • miscellaneous: apart from the €2.20 for the bus i might need once or twice, right now i can't think of anything else I could possibly need, of course as the week goes on I'm pretty sure I'll be drawn to something or other sparkly. basically theres will be no shopping or buying silly things.

whats that i hear who you say? what will i do next week...?? well I'll deal with that when i get there, don't burst my bubble!!

money willl only get you so far anyway

updates on my life as a pauper to follow.. :)

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  1. Nightmare!! That's happened to me a couple of times....usually it's me having to go to the dentist or doctor or something important breaks and BAM, there goes my money! Cheese sandwiches are great, esp if you manage to toast them!