Monday, September 19, 2011


This weekend i was working at a small slice of London Fashion Week at the Roberto Cavalli Party in London. (I was meant to stay the week but unfortunately the National Ploughing Championships are on and i'm working at them too - I KNOW, lets never speak of this again)....anyways.......
As you can imagine Roberto Cavalli likes thinks big, over the top and with no expense spared. My eyes were nearly falling outta my head the entire time, the chandeliers, the canap├ęs, the fashion, the fake boobs, the celebs.... it was like being in an episode of the only way is Essex but x100,000,000 (no exaggeration!)

Unfortunately i was run of my feet showing Pixie Lott where the toilets were and the like to take any photos, but all i can tell you is that Una Healy from the Saturdays does not look preggers but is a babe. Cher Loyd is a midget, and a babe, and all the cast of Made in Chelsea are babes.
 (OK, enough name dropping)

Now go check out Rosemary MacCabe's Fash Blog as she will give you the real Fashion Week insight!

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apologies for no pics but i'm distracted watching Made in Chelsea!

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