Thursday, September 15, 2011

counting sheep

Five subtle hints to suggest you are not getting enough sleep..

  • you wake up after a short 'apres-work nap' assuming that the clock saying 7:00 means its time to get ready for work. (You know you're really really tired if you actually get in the car and head to the office). STOP its 7pm, there's still time to watch online telly and eat toast.
  • skipping meals/bathroom breaks - because that would be too much effort
  • seeing sheep - check your surroundings, are you on a farm? NO? Ok you're now so tired you're visualizing those sheep you used to count
  • sending long and detailed descriptions of toilet facilities to the wrong person, or just any old email to the wrong person
  • getting into the shower with your socks still on
These are some or all things that I may have experienced, enjoy the below images while I go to bed.

 too tired to put pants on is also a telling sign

all photos from Google*

*you would not believe how many photos of sleeping babies, kittens or puppy's there are on google, you should thank me for sparing you.

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