Friday, October 7, 2011

this week..

This guy

Steve Jobs probably inspired more people than ever as he passed away on Thursday. My news feed was full of 'big' quotes, but for once I didn't mind the spammyness of it all.

Annie Mac was in all week for Fearne Cotton, and so i was introduced to some serious tunes. I love that she's irish, but for some reason on Irish  radio stations, i'm just not impressed with the dj's.

its a bit like the music on Ci Ci Cavanagh's blog, which i LOVE! Go listen now, its just like having background music to your life. I imagine it would be the music to the show about me, if i was in a Truman Show kinda world.

Also I decided i'm going to balayage my hair (whats that, a year late you say? shut up), my hair is kinda sorta naturally balayaged (in your face). I would love to go with peachy tones, as pink would be a bit much in work at the moment, ala Lauren Conrad

..and finally i started an art class (i know, check me out)..

currently drawing an hopefully painting a lot of Tim Walker photos

This is a poor selection of his work, go buy the book, it's unreal. Every photo is like something you may have imagined once and there it is, in print!

and for now  i bid you adieu...has anyone gone into Dublin Contemporary yet? I must this weekend, I hear good things.

On facebook? OMG, me too!

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