Saturday, May 1, 2010

I have this friend, she's my 'bessie for life' as ya might say, lets call her S, because
(a) she liked the gossip girl books when she was a youngun' and will think that's cool and  
(2) because I can't go on reveling people identities on my own blog....

actually scratch that i just watched the latest Gossip Girl on side reel and 'S' does sound cooler.
Myself and S were once  very like the young Miss Granger, fluffy hair that no-one could control, nerdy and obsessed with Harry Potter. We spent our time making up songs about our beanie babies, Ziggy was mine and Pugsly was hers. We made up email addresses when the Internet came about, why we needed an email account, i have no clue, hermionerox4evr and emeraldbarbie02, neither of wish to claim who owns which.

Much like Hermione Granger and Emma Watson, S and I grew up and learned of the wonders of GHDs and conditioner.

here's a few Emma Watson pics we love...
Also Emma Watson is only 20.......that's depressing... 

when am i gonna be cast in my first film or at least in a girl band already?

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