Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I do...

the D4 Berkley Court Wedding Fair...

Amazing Cakes, this is actually the name of the company, these seriously taste as good as they look!! check out the cute one below! love it, click here to have a gawk at their site!

just to set the record straight, i am not getting married, i was working at a wedding fair a week or two ago. These are a few snaps i felt the need to share! we had 6 fashion shows over the two day fair, this might in theory seem like a lot, but once we had done one, we were literally doing them with our eyes closed! The 1st Option models were excellent as usual. Brendan Courtney hosted the event too who is always fun to work with. Lovely way to spend a weekend, even though it was over 20 degrees outside at the time!!
few gúnas there for ya girls, didn't get a chance to try any one, which was for the best I'd say, the fella would had a mini heart attach if i came home with pics of me in a white dress.


mid show time, clearly i wasn't to busy if i had time to take a few snaps!

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  1. Awwwh I love the cake top on the second one!!!!! I love that they're so big!