Thursday, June 17, 2010

the day that was minus craic

found a great Blog, this pic feels like me now....FED UP!

Today was 'the' day, the big day we had been waiting for. Four long years of hard work and not so hard work boiled down to one day an one grade..... 

...HOWEVER this was not to be, as our lecturers of someone must have got the day wrong because they did NOT come out.

3 long hours or refreshing the page and nothing to show for it. There ya go DIT, take hours of my life that i cant get back and torture me.

 boo you DIT... boo

..also have not worked in a while and today that letter I've been dreading arrived, why do i have to pay tax if i can't get job seekers allowance? Really now Brian Cowen.....unsound of you.


rant over

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