Sunday, June 13, 2010

secret obsession no.1

I don't know why i never really 100% want to admit this, but i am a complete Olsen twin freak. I confess to stalking their style, copying there mannerisms and watching every episode of 'Two of 
a kind' and 'So Little Time'.....twice. I admit to legging it home from school every half day to see So 'Little Time' on BBC2 i think.

I think that it was a bit uncool in school to like them as they seemed younger, then when they became 'cool' and the likes i had never said i loved them so thought i would be jumping the band wagon.... basically i should learn to trust my instincts about who or what is cool, ha!
If you haven't got a copy of their book Influence i say get your hand on a copy!! Its a good thing to have on a rainy day to flick through, make you smile and imagine the impossible.
I love how they have remained private throughout the years. And far as i know they aren't drugged up or taking part in any shameless reality shows, they also have yet to get the uber stylish DUI that most Hollywood starlets seem to be a fan of.

So shout out to them for being sound

and a very Happy Birthday!!.

...and here is the mother of all Olsen sites!! How have i only discovered this now?!

♥♥♥ it


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