Monday, October 18, 2010

hello Autumn

While most people are mourning the summer, i say boo summer (that's right i said that!..what ya gonna do?) bring on the Autumn/Winter!

No, I don't enjoy being rained on, or cold wind, and I'm not keen about waiting for my bus in the dark when the hour changes, HOWEVER I am looking forward to layering up, hot water bottles, boots, Xfactor - it my first time following it from the start, and even Christmas (even though its far to soon to mention it).

so yeah we like Autumn because of
  • layers
  • hot chocolate
  • warm hugs 
  • the C word we cant say yet
  • lots of Gossip Girl and autumn TV schedules
  • kids back at school and not wandering around in gangs
  • going back to wearing factor 15 instead of 50 during the day (just me?)
  • staring a nice fire

not so much looking forward to :
  • Jack Frost
  • nose's running away
  • my car refusing to start on chilly mornings
  • the boiler breaking, as it does every year.
  • chapped lips
  • inside out umbrellas



  1. Gah! I feckin' love MK!!!
    And yes so true - tv is waaaay better in autumn - Gossip Girl - woop!
    Inside out brolly?! Grr!

  2. i love fall too. it's wonderful to get all cozy and stay inside by the fire (my favorite)!

    enjoying your blog...found you via 20sb.

  3. I live in south Florida so that's probably all you need to know about how I feel about the cold weather. :)

    It's probably a good thing we don't get much of it. Layers, however, I will give you. Layers are amazing.

  4. cute cute post!
    Love and the MK pic = amazing.