Thursday, October 21, 2010

we're all going on a summer holiday

Such an exciting feeling one gets when they are off to the airport, holding your passport tight, going through security, being stopped and made take you shoes off, going through to be searched, going back to the start to take you're belt off, finally getting through and then off to your gate.

I had the pleasure of having an airport experience on Wednesday, however when i left i was still in Dublin. So.... not as much fun really. Although its not every day you see scantly clad gorgeous people strutting their stuff down to Gate D and back up to The Loop shopping area while you're re-buying all the make-up and liquids that security took!

Did you know you can shop in the airport, not just Irish whisky, litres of vodka, chocolate and perfume, oooh no times have changed. Superdry, Lk Bennet, Fatface, Calvin Klein, Boggi, Louis Copeland and Monsoon are all there. Where they always there? Shows how much i travel, my mom would know, shes on a plane every other week trying to get away from us, lol* jk, she loves us....:P

So instead of packing, you can buy a few bits for you're holliers at the Airport. some at a bit of a discount of course, LK Bennet are doing exclusive shoes for about 20% off, if only i had any money i woulda gone mad!

the passengers were only thrilled to have them.

actual airplane in the background!

 On the way to gate D...which is no joke a mile or two away, thank god T2 wasn't open yet, the trek would been a nightmare.

took me all day to find a real life pilot! He really didn't wanna be in a photo, oh well.

In conclusion the airport is fun, but probably more fun when you get to go on a plane. Soon i will go on a plane i hope...*hint hint graduation trip to London/Paris/Milan/even Cork?*... hopefully...

Bon Voyage, enjoy the shopping ;)

*im coming around to the use of 'lol jk' online, however the phrase "I lol'd" is not acceptable, u laughed/chuckled/spit out ur coffee...u do not lol...

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