Friday, December 10, 2010

CoraLlei handbags...yes please

My one and only favorite thing is a new handbag. 
Mostly I like to drool over them online, however i got to drool over some real life handbags at the Xpose Xmas Xperiance. Nothing can make my day like a good handbag and the Coral Lei bags are no different. 
My mother dragged me to the RDS that day, and yes she physically dragged me off the couch, there's no stoppin' that woman when she wants to go somewhere.
I was far more impressed with the Xpose show compared to Toys for Big Boys. All they had was cars, those gels that heat up with you smush them, about 4 palm readers and more cars. Although i did have free tickets.

Xpose Xmas Xperiance was €20, which was far too much, no student price either which annoys me to no end. Anyway they stalls were good. Saw the Stellar people, of course this was before Fade Street, so didn't get an autograph! Me and the mother watched a few people get just lying there gettin' a bitta botox...weird! I couldn't stop watching actually and then we met Lorna from CoraLlei.

clearly I'm only thrilled/petrified of getting my photo taken

I'm pretty sure this is my fave, love the chain detail and the colour.

All the bags are made from natural products, i have no idea how this is possible, but i love that. Fashion and doing my bit to save the world.

 love this fringe one too the clasp to open in was so cute.

the lovely Lorna wrapping up my bag.
Here's the  Facebook and the Website, enjoy!

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