Friday, December 10, 2010

the past month in words for me

bailout bailout bailout ~ imf ~ snow ~ xfactor ~ brian cown ~ snow ~ cold ~ protest ~ students ~ treacherous ~car breaking down ~ weather ~ cross people ~ election ~ snow ~ politics ~ ice ~ dublin bus curtailments ~ budget ~impassable ~royal wedding ~ wikileaks ~ JMJ~  insuficiant funds ~ toyshow ~ presents ~ shopping ~ budget ~twitter~ weather ~ stress ~ thaw ~ sleep.

treacherous was definitely my favorite.

piv via here (fave blog of the moment)

Pretty much sums up what I got out of it i think. I have mostly worried a lot about it all. Being glued to twitter and the news has not helped. I'm hearing al lot of complaining but not many solutions, sure this is it.
The only thing to do now is put on Christmas FM and get on with it..

chin up blog-land :)

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