Friday, February 11, 2011


Let me share the time I became all earthy and tried to make a hair mask. I always plan to make these face creams and hair products after reading about them in magazines. Of course i usually don't have avocado or malt vinegar and another suspicious ingredient one might have lying about the house. However this time i was watching Four Live (the first and only time i have watched it) on RTE. This occasion they whipped up an egg, milk, extra virgin olive oil, manuka honey and a banana. they whipped it up in a bowl and slopped it into your wan's hair. my dismay the banana was STILL there this girl. After a good bit of rinsing and repeat it was obvious that i was getting no where, and so with 20 minutes to my bus i had to blow dry my hair and leg it. Bits of banana were being bruushed outta of my hair for day...

..but yes it was glossy and very very soft...

i bet she's put the odd banana in her hair

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