Monday, January 31, 2011

January Blues...

I, for one, am thrilled to see the backside of January 2011. It has been one long month, and without the Internet for me it has been a struggle. The only way of coping was with an obscene amount of day time TV.  For the first week this was grand, healing, a lot of Murder She Wrote and The Biggest Loser.

By Week Two I could feel the void growing. I lurked outside many relations and friends house's. Planning to offer any babysitting services for the use of their precious Internet. Weirdly by week two I felt i had seen more of my family then before. It felt unusual for all of us to sit in the same room. Night after night we would sit in the room, now its not like we resorted to charades or anything, but it was kinda nice. I imagine that how the eighties were. Sitting at home with you're family watching the Six One news. 

Week Three we had all taken it upon ourselves to make sure my brother passed his Junior Cert. My head is heavy with facts and figures from the Stone Age, Dendrology, carbon dating and age of exploration and discovery.

The worst part about the lack of Internet was the feeling that  i was being left out. It was like being in a playground but not aloud to play with anyone. I'm a social creature, i don't like to walk into places alone, or worse have to wait outside somewhere alone. This is something I'm learning to get over, but until then I'll continue to sulk!

positive points of my life without the Internet:
  • talked to my family and actually know what they are all up too.
  • free time, the amount of time i spent surfing the web doing nothing is ridiculous.
  • my house is clean, as in all the time, no more mugs left all over the place because i was distracted by some pretty website.
  • i didn't stalk people and beat myself up for not having a high-flying career or fab social life, damn u twitter!
  • i applied for about 30 jobs the few times i got online instead of procrastinating on facebook and twitter.... result!
I cant wait for February, my birthday, a few fun jobs, a trip to London and possibly a new job are on the cards, as well as a lot of Pilate's classes, which I'm feeling a small bit terrified about come to think of's my new bff Adele...

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  1. I'm also internetless and I sympathise, it's a big pain in the bum!