Sunday, January 2, 2011

living in the future

To be honest, I really thought we would have hovering skateboards by 2011, 'Back to the Future' promised so much!

This year i don't really have many resolutions, I'll clean my room and maybe go for a walk this week and feel better about myself.

However i have made a life changing decision. I have decide to live for a long time. Not that I planned to only aim for my thirties and then pack it in. Oh no, i plan to live for ages, I'm aiming for about 112. Most of the oldest people in the world live till about 115, the current oldest person in the world is Eunice Sandborn from Texas at 114. A woman, most of them are women, so I'm already ahead in the game.The oldest person ever live until she was 122, which a bit excessive i think.

The oldest person to ever live in Ireland was Katherine Plunket, she died in 1934 and was 111 and 327 days (the days seem to NB with these supercentarien's). She was from Louth and was an aristocrat, so probably quite a 'lady'. 
  • I too would be considered 'lady' in most company, in the Julie Andrews sense of the word. 
  • She probably lived on a basic Irish diet, considering her life was mostly set in the late 19th century, potatoes would have been popular I'd say...... I LOVE potatoes.
  • And lastly, her grandad lived in Bray..... MY grandad lives in Bray. 

So many comparisons, I'm well on my way to the title. I know what you're thinking, genes play a part, never fear, my grandad is 97 this year and all his brothers and sisters live well over 90, so its all good!
Of course there is a chance I'll die in an horrific plane accident or get eating by a shark, but sure i can only deal with that if it happens.

Now most of these supercentariens credit being relaxed/content/not bothered to a large part in their longevity. This is something i need to work on. I can credit every chest infection in the past few years to me over reacting or being stressed (the last being an unfortunate speeding ticket which resulted in my Christmas cold)

So that's its, I'm gonna practise this 'mind over matter' philosophy and live to be a supercentarien, no biggie, Happy New Year.

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  1. You'll defo not be eaten by a never swim in the sea