Friday, February 11, 2011

Alice Halliday

This week i came across an amazing new designer Alice Halliday. She's from Cork but has the most beautiful soft English accent. Didn't get a chance to snap pics of all her stuff as my camera is too big and I'm not co-ordinated enough! so just decided to stalk her online and found out Florence....yeah the one with the machine, wore one of her design. 

Alice's grad collection

have a gawk at her Facebook here, some gorgeous stuff on it. The coral colour's are my fav atm and every piece has such detail. So pretty, I look forward to being rich and commissioning her to make me something beautiful!

something new and interesting eh?

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. I agree, her creations are amazing! Selling them in my shop and want to eep them for myself :)

    Cathy xox

  2. yeah their lovely indeed

    sinead x

    fashion house/herstylediairies