Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dublin Fashion Festival

while my heart lies in the DIT Fashion Show, i have to move on from it now that  a grown up..ahem. so this week I'm delighted to be working on the Dublin Festival of Fashion with 1st Option.
All week we are traipsing from shop to shop looking at clothes, collecting them and carrying a lot of heavy things in general.

There will be two shows on Friday at  1:30 on Henry St and at 2:30 on Grafton St

on Saturday the 2nd we have shows at 1:30, 2:30. 3:30 & 4:30, yes this will involve me running from sound side to northside, but i plan to do this while looking fabulous the whole time..hhmm

then on Sunday it is the same schedule! also in the Ilac Shopping Centre Brendan Courtney of the telly will be dishing out some style advice and having the general banter with anyone and everyone who's there.

I'll start taking pics throughout the week,the clothes from Clerys today are pretty fabulous, not what you'd expect to find there at all! Courtney Smith will be there on the Saturday also giving out some style advice! sure its all go!

Its slowly but surely shaping up to be a good unreal event, although the rain does not look to be in our favour, i will continue my evening rain dances all the same.

see you there! 
*fashionable wave*

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