Monday, September 13, 2010

Aunty Betty's Wee Goodie Shop

I wish i had an Aunty Betty...


This was the highlight of my trip to Aberdeen, little did i know on a very hungover trip to Stonehaven that i was to find this amaaazzaing sweet and ice cream shop, that was ideally located next to a fish and chipper, probably the most perfect cure for an Aberdeen hangover.


and if this wasn't enough for my wee eyes to take in,
the smell was unreal..

I can only liken it to what Care Bear land might smell like


And the do cakes for all occasions, literally the perfect shop.


this is the creation...yummers...serious ice cream cone

Some of the toppings on offer were jelly babies, marshmallows, haribo, buttons, malteesers and everything sprinkles, chocolate and syrup related...  and all for £2 a scoop, rip-off Ireland's got nothing on Scotland, cheap ice cream, chips and booze....and men in kilts...what a place.

who ever thought jelly babies would compliment a flake and wafer was a genius!

Thank you Aunty Betty

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