Tuesday, September 28, 2010


 So I'm a college graduate dying for work, I'll do anything I'm asked, I'm completely over eager and i never say no.....

thus i have no reason to complain that i have work....in all fairness though, my body is not really designed for this much work, it was mostly designed for sleep i feel. Something i am much lacking in these days, gone are the days of lie-ins & hangovers, getting up at 6:30am is the new rolling out at 11 for the Gilmore Girls

so here are some pics from work, i have been living in shopping centres for the past two weeks doing shows, thank god the models are sound, it like having very beautiful tall friends who undress and dress in front of you a lot. good craic!
Jude and Irma working the tracksuit/pyjama girl look.

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