Sunday, March 14, 2010

mom, maaaaa, mother, mammy

love this 50's pic of mothers an daughters, not that myself or my mom are in any way good a cooking, infact my specialty is burnt and crispy garlic bread,  frozen on the inside. Its quite baffling that everytime i cook, i manage to burn anything from toast to toast, i cant think of anything else i've attempted of late!

Spent this fine mothers day watching '16 and up the Duff', quite the motherly day i had, of course i didn't realise it was mother's day until herself pointed it out to me.

and finally the mother of all..em ..mothers, Michelle Dugger. Your wan has 18 kids and the 19th is on the way! While you may be thinking 'Holy Crap, here's a condom!', the Dugger family of Arkansa in the fine US of A believe that kids are beautiful and special..etc, each to your own. While flicking through the family pics on the their website, which i have, a shamefull amount of times, i notice that these kids dont really resemble each other hugely, just because you put 'em in ankle lenght skirts and refuse to visit the hair dresser doesn't mean, young Jim-Bob, Jeramia, Jordyn-grace, Jinger and the rest are actualy related. I suspect there are a fair few postmen and milkmen  keeping their head down throughout Arkansa.

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