Saturday, March 13, 2010

12 Days to showtime

For the past 6months I've been working on the biggest event in DIT, nay the Dublin Fashion scene, the DIT Alfa Romeo Fashion Show!!

here's a pic of the student designs from the 2009 show! pretty cool eh?!

My job this year mentor to the style team, as I was the head the past few years, head of all the models, which means i just shout at them an tell them what to do from week to week, and lastly, online marketing, em..lady! This role i kinda fell into, but I've learnt all sorts about hashtags, widgets and coding while working away at our blog, twitter, web page and facebook! Here's a link to my other blog and the webpage.

tickets are €20 for students or €25 for grown ups! Obviously I'm biased, but its a great show, goodies bags are going to be great and the dancers, not to mention the models are hot hot HOT!!

 Joanne with my brother and Suzie rockin' out

the student designs

here's a pic of me in the luxurious MiTo that Alfa Romeo gave us

hope to see some of you there!

E ;)

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