Saturday, April 3, 2010

once upon a time..

...there was no internet.
While the thought of having no internet might not mean much to some people, its terrifies me to my very core. How will i find out the most up-to-date gossip? How will i look up the bus timetable? Whats Perez saying? Are my farmville crops all dead? I know i know, silly matters, but all things i think about on a daily basis when i open my laptop, tune in to the Chris Moyles show on BBC Radio 1 and start my day.

I shudder to think what did they do in the olden days? No mobiles, no internet, how would you find out if your crush was eligible or a phsyco..... how did they tell friend they were late for coffee? Which I always am.

I think as awful as it must have been for thoses who were on time, it must be nice and free to be walking around and not be able to go online or text. Secretly I think I would like this world. I've spent the past two days half writing this post then wandering off an pretending not to have a phone and see what would happen..Nothing happened, i didn't even have one message when i turned on the phone again. But still, the fact that i thought no-one knew where I was, was kinda exciting, if only for a minute!

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