Monday, August 16, 2010

since when was sport cool?

...since i started loosing my ability to eat everything and be a skinny bitch.

Today i made a crazy purchase.... I dunno, maybe I was having some sort of fit or brain hemorrhage, but i went into lifestyle sports and bought some Nike Dri-Fit capri running pants and a Speedo swuimsuit. I have never spent so much money on anything thats wasn't pretty or fashionable or cool. 

Alas now i have to convince myself that sports clothes are 'cool'. I mostly blame the silly sportsman in my life for this turn of events, but sure jennifer is making me re-think they whole sports issue, she's like 40 and holy god look at her stomach!

so yeah, get out there and be sporty, run around and stuff. Maybe you'll see me,
i'll be bright red and out of breath.

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