Thursday, July 22, 2010

money money money money

I've taken a distinct dislike to rich people these days. Mostly because I'm very poor and also because can't see how i will be able to make any money fast and soon. Of course I've thought of the obvious options, walking the streets, selling all my belongings, thieving...

these three options failed me because a. I'd be a crappy prostitute, I don't like walking in heels, i get cold easily, being on the streets for a night would mean i miss a lot of TV .
b. i like my stuff, i have a lot of stuff, i haven't thrown away anything in about 11 years. I'm the ultimate hoarder.
c.well i was once a thief, i was 6 and i stole a mint Aero from tesco, I was very stealth about it, i put the bar down my cycling shorts ( it was 1998 - don't judge). i went straight home and ate it under my duvet. Of course, that's where my stealth ended, i left the wrappers on the floor. Mom found them and brought be back to Tesco to apologies to the manager and pay the 38p outta my pocket money, which was 50p, so quite the dent in my savings that week...

so yeah, i hate rich people, the worst rich people of all are those on Cribs. Uuugh the thought of cribs makes me shudder. They just have rooms and rooms of stuff that they don't use, like how many flat screens is too many? It makes me think that if they sold one flat screen, maybe poor people could buy new shoes.

Kimora Lee Simons' house was the worst, was she the one with the bowling ally? I remember being annoyed watching her anyway. From years of watching Cribs, the Hills, The OC, (and now there's Jersey Housewives), I've decided that maybe Communism is the way to go. I can see the appeal, spread the wealth, sharing, it's what we had to do in play school.
Although if anyone i know reads this they know i hate hate sharing. So as soon as i win the lotto i wouldn't be able to share or spread the wealth.

This post is stressing me out, I'm going to watch the Gilmore Girls..

to some up my feelings..

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  1. oh stop, i feel physically ill when i watch all that mindless, american consumerist crap. and it's very easy to be seduced into that competitive one-upmanship. i mean i always want new clothes...but do i need them? but yeah, that american self-obsession and imbuing all these kids with a sense of 'i am'. sick.