Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hashtag Olympics

For months nay years we have been waiting for London 2012, and now its here!.... I though like most people it would be nothing put a public transport nightmare and general pain in the ass. I was wrong, I actually love the Olympics, so much so that I would consider taking up some kind of sport. Everyone is in a great mood and friendly here in London. The bus driver no longer look at me like I'm mental when I say Hello and thank you. Nothing I love more the cracking a smile out of someone, and London is smiling away at the minute - god this is cheesy.

For the Olympics Rio 2016, I have narrowed down some possible sports I could compete in.They are Rowing, Badminton, & Shooting.

Rowing seems the obvious choice, those two Team GB wans hadn't picked up an oar 4 years ago - or so i hear. I have never picked up an oar or been in a rowing boat, or used the rowing machine in the gym. This is a great place to start though, from scratch.

Badminton. Another obvious choice. They didn't do much other than hit the yoke into the net and got to the next round, simples. Also another sport where you get to have a partner - so its not your fault if you lose.

Shooting; well in my books I cant really see this as a sport. If they're letting the lady who's 8 months pregnant compete, surely that means its open to Fatty's? Sounds good to me...

In other Olympic News Katie Taylor of Bray ( BRAY - THATS MY HOME TOWN TOO) is boxing tomorrow. I don't know much about boxing but being from Bray and that my grandad was a boxer I imagine I would be OK at this too. Lets ad it to the Rio list while we're at it.

Grandad Quinn boxing away

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