Sunday, June 17, 2012

This week..

Been tweet tweeting more this week as have the London home and work life semi sorted. However I suspect some of you are gagging for more from me ....(Hi Mom) It has come to my attention that Irish people are hilarious and friendly. Think it took being away for so long to see why tourists say that all the time. Not that the Londoners have been unfriendly, on the contrary, but think Irish people have a unique sense of humour that i'm going to miss while I'm here.

Heading to Bricklane for the day to look for tresure...peace out.

 Katievanb's ear cuff from Bricklane Market..

been hanging out on Tumbler a little

Morvan and Cici are my fave tumblers 

...and as always I've been having the lolz on Rosemary's blog, go go go now and check it out if  you never have before.

catch ya later internet people


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